VP Student Activities Candidate

Through studying at DMU I have gained the ability to understand the needs and requirements for a student; volunteering and charitable activities, employability opportunities, sport and society activities.  Having taken that into consideration, what the people want is equality and a fair playing field to partake in sports and extra circular activities. I believe a DMU student needs the ability to become passionate, and have the ability to share that amongst others without fear of rejection or being judged.

The DMU student dares to be fearless and through full involvement within our University, whether that’s academic, extracurricular or both, I believe in possessing a leadership acumen and taking full advantage of equal opportunity. As your VPSA I will strive to address the following areas brought to my attention by the students.

Transport: Having spoken to various societies and sports clubs, transport is a massive issue which puts our students at a disadvantage. I intend to working closely with the treasurer to allocate funds for societies, minimalizing costs.

Facilities: Aware of the ongoing issue with spacing my future plan is to create a more efficient and organised placing strategy which allows for the full utilisation of the university campus for all societies to accommodate for all of their members.   

Costs: Struggling with costs at university is nothing new and I hope to prioritize a financial aiding system which allows for the average student (regardless of their financial background) to have accessibility to equipment and resources. This hopefully, will eliminate the issue of not being able to afford being a part of a society and simply allowing for a student to have a night out.

With a combination of your support and my drive I know we can make the DMU student experience world class.