VP Student Activities Candidate

Hi I’m Samuel Galeckyj, Lacrosse Chairman. I’ve been involved with committee for the past two years; previous role being Social Secretary. During my time, I have successfully developed both the men’s and women’s team by providing more equipment, training sessions and created fun initiatives to keep a strong mentality in our team. I'm frequently involved with charity work, helping Lacrosse to become 2nd in the charity leader board. 

What will I do?

  • Create more transparency and equal opportunity
    I want clubs to have the same opportunities, from funding to facilities to varsity fixtures. I will facilitate meetings with DMU Sport and the clubs to establish their needs and provide the best outcome based on their requirements.
  • Put a bigger emphasis on volunteering/charity work
    It's my personal belief that voluntary/charity work is a moral obligation. I will use different platforms to encourage students to take part in well promoted, fun, spontaneous events throughout the academic year. I also want to help promote and emphasise the work sports teams and societies involve themselves in.
  • Increase promotion and awareness of sports teams/societies
    I want to increase the presence of clubs around DMU. I'll do this by working closely alongside chairpersons to ensure they know how to promote their sport/club as one brand. I will also create a bigger emphasis on an Official Re-Freshers Fair to help boost the number of students in extra-curricular activities.

You should vote for me because I'm right for the job! I’ll tackle problems head on and will confidently challenge the university on issues that affect the student body. I will guide, support and encourage every student to involve themselves whilst developing the student groups at DMU.