VP Media and Communications Candidate

Hello, I’m Emily and I’ve been at DMU for five years now as both an undergraduate and postgraduate student. I’ve been involved in Demon Media for three years and am currently Deputy Editor for The Demon. Before that, I was part of societies, a committee member of Tea Break, and ‘social’ member of the hockey team. Through this, I learnt that communication between the DSU and students is key to ensuring that opportunities can be accessed by all students.

My main aims:

  • To increase student awareness of events and the executive team by ensuring they are publicised through DSU social media platforms.
  • To strengthen the relationship between societies, sports teams and Demon Media by hosting training days and providing coverage.
  • To lead the development and restructure of Demon Media, including improving internal communication and content collaboration.

How I want to achieve this:

I want to push for further promotion of events through DSU social media, encouraging more engagement and involvement of students. Furthermore, I’d like to promote awareness of the executive team and what it is they do for students by increasing online visibility of the roles.

I aim to increase interaction with DSU groups and Demon Media by hosting training sessions. Demon Media members will share their knowledge and skills to support groups in creating promotional material, ensuring efficient coverage from both sides. All students will also have access to these training sessions.

Following the loss of Frontrunner roles, I want to ensure that Demon Media is restructured, protecting existing positions. The streamlining of some positions will also encourage more content collaboration. To make the transition successful, there needs to be stronger internal communication such as regular meetings and planning of cross strand coverage. This will ensure Demon Media is more accessible and visible on campus.