President Candidate

Re-Elect AHTESHAM for #1 President

I am your current DSU Vice President Student Activities and with your backing endeavour to be YOUR next DSU President.

If re-elected, as President I will lobby to;


  • Exam feedback - Implement an exam feedback  system to enhance your learning
  • Better Library - Work with the university for an improved campus library
  • Car parking - Better car parking facilities on campus
  • DSU Marketplace - Create an avenue for students to sell their work / outsource their services to boost their graduate employability


  • University cost-  Lead  the SU to reduce and expose hidden university costs
  • Tuition fees - Increase transparency of how YOUR fees are being spent
  • Cheaper PG Study - Extend the VC 2020 scholarship to International students
  • Refugee / Asylum seeker scholarships - Truly become a global university by offering scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers


  • Increase support – Make the university fully accessible and strive for a 24/7 campus.
  • Tenant union - To implement an accommodation representative structure and establish a UK guarantor service to support our International students.
  • Empower - Streamline the framework for students to challenge the Union and the University

As your Vice President I have;


  • Co-organised DSU’s first-ever Student-led Shape Your Future conference
  • Facilitated DSU’s first-ever BAME in Leadership event
  • Enabled 100’s of students to partake in the DMU Global experience


  • As the BUC’s Regional chair, I have represented student views regionally and nationally.
  • Collaboratively strived to ensure Wednesday afternoons are kept free
  • Spearheaded the delivery of DSU’s most inclusive and accessible activities fair ever


  • Championed the development of an online room booking service
  • Overseen the transition of sports and represented your voice
  • Launched new innovations on campus, celebrating the work of our student groups