LGBTQplus Students' Rep Candidate

Hi, my name's Gage! I'm a first year LGBTQ+ student who's super interested and involved in both the Student's Union and the LGBTQ+ Community! I've participated in the management & development of LGBTQ+ groups before and now I'm wanting to make DMU even more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ students at the University!

I'm standing because I care deeply about the LGBTQ+ community and want all aspects of university to be as inclusive as humanly possible! Everyone deserves the right to be able to express themselves and be who they are, no matter what. I will strive towards making all aspects of DMU fully inclusive for LGBTQ+ students, so that no student should ever feel excluded or prejudiced because of who they are! I will work closely with DMU Staff and the DSU Executive Team to find flaws in the University that put LGBTQ+ students at more of a disadvantage than others and will work to improve the already existing inclusivity features that DMU holds.