LGBTQplus Students' Rep Candidate

My name is Calum Lucas and I will be going into my second year studying Youth Work and Community Development. I am 20 and consider myself to be a very bubbly and approachable person, and I pride and value myself on ensuring that the work I undertake is thorough, extensive and relevant to the people I am representing. In my spare time I like to listen to music, I do drag and I like to go to the theatre. My favourite type of show is musicals, and I also like to watch reality TV and documentaries/dramas based on true events.  My lifelong ambition is to set up a childine sort of helpline for LGBT young people who live in rural areas and cannot get to support groups easily.  As a gay man myself, the most important thing for me is to help and empower young people to ensure they are comfortable with who they are and to be there to answer any questions or queries they may have.

Should I be successful in becoming your LGBTQ+ rep, I will endeavour to implement actions such as drop in surgeries and meetings with course reps to ensure that your voice as students is fairly heard. I will also endeavour to work with the team to organise some great events for the DSU based on what is requested by you as students, as well as the ideas of those on the team.

As someone who is very honest, motivated and driven to succeed, I will ensure that anything I say I am going to do gets done to an effective level, and I will help students, LGBT or supporters, to have a fantastic time during their time at DMU. I am working with you as students, not for you to achieve great success.