International Students' Rep Candidate

I am Ilayda Tuter, a last year psychology student who aims to do masters in DMU the following year. I have been in DMU International Society as a member for three years and met many people from all over the world. The reason I am here is to promote equality and diversity among all students in DMU.

I believe that no one is only a representation of a single culture but a bigger worldview as a world citizen. When we combine everyone it is a beautiful rainbow of full of different ideas, peace and tolerance. But what we do is generally separate people into groups, stereotyping them according to how they look like, where they are from and so on. If we categorize people we would fall into a trap that could be understood from why world is like that today. What I want to do mainly is to create a safe environment for everyone in DMU! My main goals are,

  • To increase the interaction between home students and international students could make it easier for them to adjust to a new culture in which I found little bit challenging in my first year before I entered DMU International Society.
  • Also I want to reduce the fees for International students and also increase tolerance and patience in payment deadlines especially in tuition fees. There is a need of more support group for International students in terms of financially and more scholarships should be launched.
  • I want to lead the campaign that is made this year called #LoveInternational and increase awareness towards different cultures, religions and ethnicities.
  • Mainly, to talk with many students and get their feedback about what we can change and what they want to see in DMU.

If we unite, we can change something!

Ilayda Tuter