DP Education Candidate

I am Ryan Willett and running for the Deputy President of Education, here are the policies which I call the 3 DEAL PROGRAMME:


Working with students and faculty teams to ensure equality and fairness in timetabling and earlier timetable release dates by:

  • Working for a logistical solution with students and faculty teams for better timetabling.
  • Working to keep lecture hours together.
  • To work with students and lecture teams to provide earlier timetabling deliveries.

To fight against any measure that would hinder values to student learning, this will be done by:

  • Fighting university fees rising for students.
  • Continuing to fight unavoidable course costs for students.
  • To fight against discrimination by enabling a quota system for greater equality.
  1. A NEW DEAL:

To ensure student representation within the university goes further within the University by:

  • Enabling a new student representative scheme to oversee placements, internships and career boards.
  • Increasing student voice by empowering course reps further.
  • Setting up an All Student, LGBT+, Disabled Student Leadership Conference.

EDUCATION to all students is a journey, which in this university has benefitted and privileged many who take the option of studying at De Montfort University. So as Deputy President of Education, I would work for REPRESENTING EVERY STUDENT ACROSS CAMPUS, ensuring THE BEST EDUCATION DEAL IS FOR EVERY STUDENT. That journey, I believe should solely help students of every capability to reach their potential. We should show that De Montfort University is a place which is desirable, dedicated and definitive university, that everyone considers when choosing a university. Make a positive change for all students, VOTE for RYAN WILLETT for Deputy President of Education.