DP Education Candidate

Since starting as a Mature Undergraduate student in 2013, I have seen many positive changes at DMU, and I was really proud to graduate last July from such a great university.  This is one of the reasons I chose to come back and do my Masters degree in Education Practice this year, and I want to study my PhD here too. So I'm really interested in making changes and continuing the great work already being done by the Student Union, investing in your future as well as mine. There are 3 main issues I would like to work on improving to make everyone's experience here as easy, fun, and rewarding as possible.

  1. There has been some great work done so far this year by the current Deputy President Education on assignment feedback, however, as the current student rep for my course, I still hear some concerns about feedback from fellow students, especially in relation to “being critical” in assignments.  I want to work with students and lecturers to include examples of HOW to be critical given in feedback.
  2. Personal tutors are important to support students; however, students can't always use this service to its full potential. I want to create a student and lecturer survey to find out how well personal tutors work with students. From the surveys, I will work towards improving this service.
  3. The library is now open 365 days a year, which is fantastic news. However, staff in the library during the holidays can't always help students when issues arise, such as problems checking out books, meaning students have to wait until the librarians returned. I propose that there be staff on during these periods that are more than security staff.

To hear more of my ideas, find my social media pages @Ros4DPE