DP Education Candidate


My name is Martins. I am a third year International Relations student willing to try to make DMU even more inclusive of everyone, educationally diverse and accommodative of any needs regarding good delivery of education. I believe that together we can only bring positive change to DMU and there is no time like now to do it!

I am passionate about #DMUglobal and strongly feel that it needs to be a crucial part of anybody’s experience at DMU.

I will try to make sure that relevant changes in education system policies are well looked after and presented in DMU to understand how it affects us as students of a university.

I will try and make education related issues a high priority in the agenda of next year’s Student Union

I believe that learning languages is very important in 21st century. I will try to make language-learning more accessible, by communicating with lecturers and international societies, which will hopefully create new learning opportunities.

University is all about learning from each other as much as it is about learning from your lecturers. Hence opportunities of learning new skills and capabilities within the DMU community are going to help with your future career and change the way how you might approach new adventures.

Education must be easily accessible to all. No matter what race, sexuality or cultural background, it is that one thing through which we can learn how to be closer and more inclusive towards one another.

 I strongly feel that maintaining a healthy relationship with course reps is the way forward towards a university where everyone is satisfied. It is important for students to understand the importance of course reps and what they can do to increase the quality of their course experience.