DP Education Candidate

My name is Lily Tsuen and I am a current post-graduate student studying Design Management and Entrepreneurship. I am running for the position of Deputy President of Education of our Students’ Union. As a current course representative, I have had the opportunity to gather views and comments from my formal classmates and to communicate their feedbacks to staffs in order to improve the learning experience for the current and future students.

My initial aim is to curry out Augustus’ mission to work with DSU and the University of Leicester Students’ Union to addressing the Government’s Higher Education Bill and the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The TEF will measure universities in three main metrics; which are student retention, student satisfaction and graduate employment outcomes. However, it does not measure the quality of teaching and these plans enable universities to increase tuition fees in line with inflation. Government should have the students’ best interest at heart (and it should also apply to international students in the UK) as well as maintaining the high quality of the education system.

Secondly, I aim to increase our reputation within the Midlands. I am proud of being part of DMU and we should emphasis our experience here and let the potential students know more of our university. I believe the community spirit of DMU is one of our strength and I aim to build up on this through the initiatives that would involve both home and international students.

I am committed to act in interest of all students. DMU is a multi-cultural university, all students are valued. I believe we should engage and encourage all students to experience the fullest during their time in DMU.

Thank you and I really hope I have the opportunity to represent and support you with your best interest at heart.