DP Education Candidate

I was born and raised in Birmingham, England I went to school, then college and university. I often changed my mind about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. Even here at De Montfort University, after studying two years on the BA (Hons) Dance degree I switched and I'm now studying three years of the Law LLB (Hons) degree. Like many students, I love to party (many of you have probably seen me around) and I enjoy having a good time. I'm passionate about many things and steadfast with my values, and it is, for this reason, I believe I should be your Deputy President of Education.

We all feel that at some point we’re overlooked within the university as it’s one of the many challenges we as students, are facing during our time at university. However, we shouldn't suffer in silence, as students, it is we who must be heard.

As your Deputy President of Education, I promise to support and fight for instrumental change to the way we study. I promise to ensure that your course suits your needs and I promise that, as the conduit for your voice, I will work with the university on the matters most important to us and where it is necessary, fight against them. But most of all, in my capacity as your Deputy President of Education, I promise not to simply act as the voice for you as the students but to act as the tool which sculpts the change that we want.