Disabled Students' Rep Candidate

I'm Sophie and I am currently studying Creative Writing & Journalism. I have a bubbly and happy personality and I am the very sociable person, who is well organised and am always up for a challenge. I currently have my own blog and enjoy writing in my free time.

I have Cerebral Palsy, which has left me in a wheelchair and affects three out of my four limbs. However, I don't let the restrictions hold me back and strive for the best I can.

As I have Cerebral Palsy, I have an element of understanding of what students with different disabilities require. I am well focused and feel I can communicate effectively with the students and the SU in case students are anxious to approach themselves. I can provide transparency and stand up and voice our rights. Being in a similar situation, I can provide a sensitive ear and advise them properly, without them feeling patronised at all. People have approached me in the past and recommended I went for this role as they think I'd be good and an inspiration to others. I feel I can enforce the message of equality within the university and get those with disabilities more confident and more involved with the happenings of the SU.