Disabled Students' Rep Candidate

My name is Fern Johnson. I am a second year student on the Youth Work & Community Development course. I have personal experience of what university is like for disabled students. I am standing for election on behalf of the DMU Marxist society. I have been interested in politics for a very long time and have always recognised a need for social change. There are several values that I have embodied as an aspiring youth and community worker, which I apply to my politics. The most important of these I feel is social action for social change. This means that I believe the only way to make a real difference to student experience is to campaign on the issues that affect our day to day lives.

I am standing to make university life for disabled students as accessible and enjoyable as possible, for those with both visible and invisible disabilities. I want to make the transition to university for students from whatever pathway and background as smooth as possible. In lights of recent cuts to funding for disabled students, I will make sure that DSU is doing all that it can to support those who need its help the most. I will make sure that you have the means of voicing your needs in a range of ways, to remove any barriers to seeking support. The university already provides so many services to disabled students, but the awareness surrounding these services is very restricted. I will make sure that you know what support is available and how to access it. I will also include accessible social activities that are exactly what you ask for.