BME Students' Rep Candidate

Hello; I’m Arron Halait, a second year LLB Law student.

The following is my manifesto, which is divided into four separate but interdependent ideals which – operating in unison- shall ensure BME groups enjoy their student experience to the fullest.

Student Representation

A fundamental component of my manifesto is the total unfettered representation of individual and personal issues raised by BME Students, while substantiating overarching racial issues and concerns with real action across all platforms.

I also intend to establish an intersectional network between BME groups and their respective faculty by advocating the rights and interests of BME students. Subsequently, if elected I will aim to organise regular events to address issues, discuss suitable action and implement policy. All of which shall ensure students’ confidence in the university. 

Dismantling Discrimination

I shall address the impact of the discrimination suffered by BME Groups and will work towards the elimination of inherent bias and racial stereotyping for the betterment of BME students’ experience at DMU.

Equal Opportunities

Continually, I promote equal access to opportunities for BME Groups; via activities representative of the cultural idiosyncrasies present in Black and Ethnic Groups and encourage greater social cohesion amongst students. All of which ensures students enjoy the university experience to the fullest degree.

Greater Transparency

Finally, I will establish a more significant narrative between students, student representatives and faculty staff to ensure a more transparent means of communicating concerns of importance for BME groups. Access to which shall encourage greater involvement from BME students in procedure and policy making.

Ultimately, I will encourage ‘transparency’ via ‘representation’ to oust ‘discrimination’ and promote access to ‘equal opportunities’ for BME Students. All of which is why I believe I would make a great BME Representative.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposed plans as BME Representative.