Women's Rep Candidate

My name is Sarah and I am a highly motivated and outgoing student who is currently studying Law. I am looking to support the views and defend the rights of all students who identify as women. In addition to this I will be a representative of men, this role is about the equality of both genders! The ultimate aim is to unite both genders for the common good and to eradicate sexism on campus.

If elected I would:

  • Work closely with the ‘coppafeel’ team on campus who aim to inform students of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Breast cancer can affect both men and women and I feel it is vital for students to be equipped with this potentially life saving information.
  • Continue support of the “This Girl Can” campaign. I currently play on the women’s team for the DMU squash society and I feel this campaign is the perfect way to inspire many more students to get active! Everybody should have the confidence to take up sport no matter what shape or size.
  • Campaign to have free tampons and sanitary products in all the toilets on campus so that they are accessible to all students.

Furthermore, I feel that all students both male and female should have easier access to the information regarding the safeguards in place at the University on sexual harassment. I aim to be an advocate on equality and provide support and advice to all students. Therefore, I want to promote DMUfreedom, a charter in place at DMU for the good of all so that all students of any gender can feel safe, secure and confident.

Let’s work together to achieve equality!