President Candidate

My name is Emilia Djiapouras. I am a 20 year old Youth Work and Community Development student from the second year. I am passionate about social change, building solidarity, cultural awareness and peace across campus because I believe in a more equal, fair and just society can be won for our students to contribute to. I have experience in leading international youth exchanges, and I have published papers and presented conferences related to (but not limited to) this experience. I am an open-minded, energetic and compassionate individual.

I plan to be involved in:

  1. The fight for social equality, specifically to abolish modern day slavery and exploitation of marginalised people
  2. The movement for racial and gender equality across campus
  3. YOUR student experience: I want to promote your views, your voice and your plans for change in the future


I am standing as it is my desire to speak out for the student body of DMU. I would like to work with them and for them. I feel the Student's Union also has a position of responsibility for the students, in facilitating their political, cultural and social education during their years on campus. I want to encourage students to speak out against inequality and injustice, both here and abroad.