Extenuating Circumstances



Speak to someone!

1) Who to contact first?

  • Personal Tutor.
  • Module Leader.

Make them aware of your struggles and worries. They can offer guidance and support. You have the option to explore, eligibility for an Extension or a Deferral.

2) Wellbeing Support?

You can speak to someone external from your course, about your personal circumstance. Access the range of support available to you.

3) Still unsure who to talk to?

Speak to DSU! We are here to support you during your time at DMU. Contact us! dsuadvice@dmu.ac.uk




University is an, educational, challenging and exciting experience. It is important you feel supported as much as possible!

Your DSU Advice and Wellbeing team are here to support you through any worries or concerns you might be having.

Struggling to cope?

  • Consult your GP and tell them how you are feeling to access appropriate support.
  • Self-refer to other organisations which support wellbeing.
  • If you feel at risk of harming yourself, contact …
    • NHS – 111
    • Samirtans - 116 123
    • Your GP.
  • If there is an immediate risk to your safety contact 999.