Boost your Mental Wellbeing

88 ways to boost your mental wellbeing without breaking the bank!

  1. Take a ‘mental health day’ and attend to your mental wellbeing  
  2. Visit Leicester’s green spaces 
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Have breakfast in bed
  5. Sell something you no longer use and put the money towards something fantastic!
  6. Play with an animal
  7. Give yourself a hand or foot massage
  8. Get some exercise, see DMU’s programme of free sports called Campus 330
  9. Take in a movie, or hold a movie night at home
  10. Write some poetry
  11. Go window shopping
  12. Walk in the rain
  13. Tune into yourself and find out what you are feeling and what you need
  14. Plan something fun – an outing, celebration or trip - check out What's on in Leicester
  15. Dance
  16. Stop and smell the flowers
  17. Meditate
  18. Watch a funny video
  19. Relax with a good book
  20. Make a list of things that make you happy
  21. Go to a park and swing on the swings
  22. Wake up early and watch the sunrise
  23. Take one of the 6 picturesque Campus walks
  24. Make a special meal just for you
  25. Sing
  26. Give yourself a facial
  27. Notice your achievements however small and give yourself credit for them
  28. Give yourself permission to relax, especially when you are tired
  29. Read an inspirational book
  30. Get involved with RAG (Raise & Give), helping others is a great way to lift your mood
  31. Enjoy a leisurely bubble bath
  32. Sit in the sun
  33. Phone a friend
  34. Buy a plant; cheerful to look at, improves air quality and gives something to nurture
  35. Spend time in the garden/outdoors
  36. Try orienteering
  37. Have a hot drink
  38. Write a letter/send a card to someone you’re thinking of
  39. Play your favourite music
  40. Do something creative just for pleasure
  41. Write about your special accomplishments in your journal
  42. Explore somewhere new
  43. If you’re new to DMU, get a MyUniPal if not, become a MyUniPal mentor 
  44. Go for a swim
  45. Have an early night
  46. Plan a get-together with friends
  47. Listen to the birds
  48. Find a comfortable spot and watch the world go by
  49. Draw or paint a picture
  50. Enjoy a foot bath
  51. Write about how you are feeling
  52. Chat to the DMU Chaplain 
  53. Do some yoga
  54. Hug a friend
  55. Ask for the help and support you need
  56. Play some calming music
  57. Create quality time for you by switching your phone off
  58. Lie on the grass
  59. Eat something nourishing from the Change4Life recipe planner
  60. Have a facebook free day
  61. Visit a museum
  62. Take the King Richard III walking trail
  63. Look up and appreciate the architecture in the city
  64. Photograph the canal at sunrise
  65. Send a thank you card
  66. Help someone less fortunate
  67. Volunteer your time 
  68. Help your community 
  69. Carry out a random act of kindness
  70. Solve a puzzle
  71. Stretch
  72. Try mindfulness 
  73. Read something fascinating from outside of your course area of the library
  74. Talk to a counsellor, book via MyGateway
  75. Join a club or society 
  76. Read the Demon your free student magazine
  77. Abstain from alcohol for a while
  78. Pop in for a free cup of tea at the DMU Confucious Institute
  79. Take a nap
  80. Visit Leicester’s Botanic Garden
  81. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  82. Sort out your bag and throw out all the rubbish you’ve been lugging around
  83. Bake a cake for your housemates and have tea and cake together
  84. Watch the sunset
  85. Start saving up for something you really want
  86. Give someone a compliment
  87. Visit the DMU Heritage Centre
  88. Get a free hot drink and help international students to practice conversational English International Students' Cafe