Make the most of your time AND your money.

With so many exciting opportunities and experiences, university life can be very demanding on students time and money. Budgets are often neglected until financial crisis hits, at which point financial concerns suddenly take priority. Unfortunately by this time, the hardships and stress of being broke can make the problems harder to face. This is unfortunately too common an experience - one that DSU Advice is experienced to help with. Our aim is to promote awareness about good financial planning, as well as what to do if financial problems do arise.

Welfare Benefits

The system around Welfare Benefits is complex and can be difficult to understand, whilst there are some general points which are listed below we would always recommend taking advice as there may be some exceptions to the rules.

Managing Your Money

Our message is not to ignore your finances. A little effort to set out your budget at the start of t

Income Tax

Working part time is a necessary evil for most students and with working comes the need to understand the tax system

Your wage slip will state your tax code and this should reflect your personal allowance. Your personal allowance is the amount of income you are able to earn before paying income tax. This allowance is normally divided and spread over a year.