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The DMU Pokémon Society is aimed at anyone who enjoys Pokémon - from the games, to the anime, trading card games and other aspects of the franchise. Either for active fans who follow the series as it releases new content or just casual fans who enjoy the series' content from time to time or even those who don't know a thing about the series, there's a place for everyone here!

Our meeting days are every Thursday, with chill hangouts and events/activities on alternating weeks. Our venues may vary, but are usually in The Orange Tree, The Lansdowne or the Basement. Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks will be available at these venues. Please check our Facebook page for information on the current week's social.

Activities we have planned include trade-a-thons, competitive battling tournaments, TCG, anime screenings, Pokémon GO walks around Leicester and competitions such as Design-A-Pokémon or Pokémon Trivia nights. There are also planned joint collaborations with other societies, so we can have themed laser tag nights, Pokémon pictionary as well as Trading Card game tournaments.


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