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Welcome to the DMU Music Recording Society! 

From hobbyists to enthusiasts, the main objectives behind this society is to allow any students with an interest in producing music and audio to collaborate with like minded individuals to practice and improve their recording and mixing skills. As well as giving members the opportunity to work on any projects that might come from across the university, or from the city of Leicester - with the aim of improving each member’s portfolio and employability.

We hope to achieve this by organising the following activities:

Weekly recording sessions: 
- Weekly meetings every Wednesday from 5pm-9pm at the Creative Technology Studios to record a track or to experiment with recording techniques. (Mic shootouts, mic placements, instrument set up etc.)

Monthly mixing competitions:
- Audio stems of a track will be released to the society with the task to try and create the best mix possible which will be judged and rewarded for the winner of each month.

Guest sessions:
- From professional producers to session musicians, working with and talking to professionals will provide a great insight into the industry.

Trips to local shows and conferences
- To support the local Leicester music scene and build contacts across the city to bring some external bands and artists into the studio. Trips to audio engineering conferences will also provide a great networking opportunity whilst also taking a glimspe into the future of music technology.

Collaboration with other areas of university:
- A chance to work with members of Demon Media, DMU Music Society, DMU Acapella, Choirs, Animation, Gaming, Media, Film courses that may need recording, mixing or audio expertise.

Weekly social meetings:
- To engage and socialise with other members of the society to chat, drink, laugh and network.

Facebook group:
- A place to keep people updated with any goings on within the society.
- Where articles, forums and videos can be posted to engage discussion or inspiration.
- Also available to post any opportunities to get involved with any projects or sessions that may be happening within the group.

Join Here:

We meet in the Queen's Building Creative Technology Studios (Q1.29) join the facebook group for more information! 

Your committee for 2018/19 are...
Chairperson: Harley Lambrianou
Secretary: Charlotte Craggs
Treasurer: Džiugas Marcenas
Health & Safety Officer: Andreas Lambrianou

If you have any questions, please send an email on the above link to directly talk to our committee members who can answer any queries you may have!

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