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Oriental Society

Welcome to DMU's Oriental Society!

Founded in 2020, the Oriental Society aims to strengthen the Asian community in Leicester by creating a welcoming space, for students of any east/southeast Asian heritage, to socialise and celebrate our cultural differences.

Oriental Society has spread across the UK Midlands, forming branches in the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, and Loughborough University.

Join one of the fastest-growing societies on campus to meet lifelong friends and to have a guaranteed great experience!



We are a space for students of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and many more east/southeast Asian backgrounds!

We also welcome students with an interest and respect for Asian culture. Inclusivity is a core value of Oriental Society, and as part of this, we only speak English.



Since we're a new society, here's an insight on what's to come:

  • Welcome events (e.g. Fresher’s Icebreaker, Meet & Greet).
  • Food outings and events (e.g. bubble tea, Dim Sum, dumpling making).
  • Activities (e.g. badminton, karaoke, escape rooms).
  • Inter-society events exchanging cultural values (e.g. languages, traditions).
  • Inviting DMU alumni and industry speakers to lead workshops.

However, if any new COVID-19 restrictions rise that limit in-person activities, we’ll be offering alternative online socials such as minigame nights, movie screenings, and many exciting inter-university collaborations!

If you have any event ideas, we'd love to hear them! Fill out this quick Google form: forms.gle/xbSWnC4XZFgRAk569



Join our society by following these simple steps:

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When you sign up for our membership*, we'll email you a link to our exclusive Discord Server and our WhatsApp group chat.

*Membership lasts for the whole academic year and includes exclusive discounts to events, clubs, and local store in Leicester (coming soon).

Your membership fee contributes directly towards the running of the society, including the cost of venue booking, hiring staff, various administrative costs etc., and of course the provision of beverages. As a member, you'll get the opportunity to not only represent your ethnicity but you'll also meet loads of like-minded, dedicated and awesome individuals that will become your friends for life.



Follow us on Instagram (@dmuoriental) or Facebook (facebook.com/dmuoriental) to receive live updates on everything happening as soon as it's announced!


Our Sponsors

PLEASE NOTE: these discounts are for Oriental Society paid members. To access these discounts, you will require the official membership card.

  • Seven Tea – Bubble Tea Cafe, serving authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and Chinese bakery.
  • WFC (Whole Fried Chicken)
  • Kreate Hair Design – Local Asian Hair Salon


Committee 2021/2022

President: Janet (Chinese & Vietnamese)

Secretary: Britney (Chinese & Vietnamese)

Treasurer: Nacha (Thai)

Janet Voong
Health & Safety
Micah Almojuela
Britney Tang
Nachanok Pumeechaiwong
No Elections running
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