Laura Flowers' Big Win! Your two week extension

Laura Flowers' Big Win! Your two week extension

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How Laura, your Academic Executive, is supporting you!

Laura saw and spoke to students that were going through a difficult time with the current COVID-19 situations and decided to support the students in getting extensions.

Laura told us “ Obviously this is a new and challenging time for everybody and everyone requires some time to settle in.

 “I felt that it was particularly unfair for everybody who has had their whole lives turned upside down. Many of our wonderful students have had major lifestyle changes and have had extra worry and stress put on top of them by this situation, therefore, I felt that we could not be expected to carry on as normal with deadlines as they were. I successfully argued for a two-week blanket extension for every undergraduate student.

 “Although my work on this is not yet over, as there are still conversations going on regarding our post-graduate students as the situation progresses, I feel this is something worth celebrating.

"Thank you to those Course Reps who sent me in their thoughts regarding this as this was a huge help, and also a big thank you to the students who organised and signed the online petition!"

Laura is currently still in discussion with the De Montfort University (DMU) to help post-graduate students during this difficult time. She also wanted to take the time to thank students who set up and signed the petition to help with students getting their deadlines delayed.

In regard to the exams, DMU has said that “we are reviewing the exam schedule and are making plans to move our exams online.” Students can keep themselves up to date with what the University is doing for them here.




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