Student Spotlight: Swim and Tri

Student Spotlight: Swim and Tri

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The DMU Swim and Tri team have raised over £1650 for LOROS Hospice! To do this, they had a Just Giving page online and hosted a 24-hour triathlon on the Campus Centre steps on Monday 10 February – Tuesday 11 February.  

Harry Macnamara, Secretary to DMU Swim and Tri, said that it was great to do "something worthwhile" and spend "time with my friends". He mentioned that "students responded brilliantly to our money raising efforts - donating around £300 in the buckets alone. This will hopefully motivate the team to do even better for next year!" 

The team said that they chose to raise for LOROS Hospice as they help “a wide scope of people, both young and old.”. They believe that “at some point in our lives each of us may need a hospice so it’s important to fund them.”.

Swim and Tri want to “thank LOROS for all their great work within Leicester and their positive outlook on a hard topic.”.

We're incredibly proud of Swim and Tri, here at De Montfort Students' Union, for their fundraising efforts and their achievements.




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