Call for students to reject proposal to close key fire station

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This is an appeal written by Amie Chapman, Deputy President Education at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU).

Leicester City area post 2015 IRMP proposals.

Above is a map of Leicester where the colours depict the number of fire engines Leicestershire Fire and Rescue can get into an area within 10 minutes.

For the yellow area, where De Montfort University (DMU) sits, this level of five or more and is categorised as 'high' or 'very high' risk.

Leicestershire Fire Service’ Central Station is a key fire and rescue station for this area, covering DMU, University of Leicester, Leicester College, King Power and Welford Road stadia, hospitals and many more.

Students need to get their voice heard in this as many live in high rise halls, terraced houses and heavily populated areas where a fire would put a large number of lives at risk.

From a DMU perspective, by 2020, should Central Fire Station close as proposed and the university continue to hit their targets and be the most popular Higher Education provider in the country, we would be compromised should a catastrophe occur on campus.

This is not so far-fetched when you consider the Hawthorn Building flooded in 2012 and given the burst pipe close to campus in 2013; sometimes incidents just cannot be predicted or controlled.

Of course, educational establishments in Leicester and student housing providers are doing their upmost to prevent catastrophes from happening and to educate their students about keeping safe.

Some events, however, cannot be controlled – which is where Leicestershire Fire and Rescue come in. One call from a large university or college, stadium or hospital is a call for help from hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.

We need to be protected and the only way this can be ensured is through having a full time Central Fire Station situated right in the centre of this high risk area. The difference between a five minute response and a ten minute response is life threatening.

Join us in opposing this proposal to close down Central Fire Station, a true lifeline to thousands of people in Leicester.

You can find Leicestershire Fire Service’s consultation document here and questionnaire here.

UPDATE: On 27 January 2016 it was announced that the proposals to close Leicester Central Fire Station had been withdrawn, partly thanks to DSU's campaign led by Amie.


Sarah Burton
9:55am on 8 Oct 15 This is wrong and should not happen DMU needs this fire service. You have my support Amie. Go girl!
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