Employee Support

Employee Support



A health and wellbeing benefit is available for all staff and their dependants as employees of DSU. The EAP offers you immediate access to 24 hour telephone counselling and legal and financial information services, provided by an independent health and wellbeing provider, Health Assured, and thereby extends the support that DSU is able to offer. 

The EAP service is completely confidential and only statistical information relating to the usage of the service is passed on.  All Capita consultants providing the service are bound by strict ethical codes of conduct and confidentiality and if you wish, you may remain anonymous when using the service.

To access these services at anytime, day or night, simply dial (0800 716 017, UK freephone) (if calling from a Lync telephone in your office you can also quick dial using 0101), (calling from overseas +44 1455 254151), (minicom 0845 600 5499), state that you work for the Students' Union and tell Capita what you need help with.  You’ll then be transferred to the most appropriate professional.

Also available is a range of online resources via the Health Assured website, www.employeecare.com| (type “DMU” into both the Access Code and Password login boxes) or click here.



DSU recognises that there are benefits to a system of flexible working for both staff members and the organisation.  We therefore operate flexible working policies which are department specific and we encourage staff members to make use of them.  The policy specific for your department is in your handbook or alterntaively please ask your Line Manager.

Now that legislation has changed, all staff members now have the right to request additional flexibility for whatever given reason - this no longer applies to just parents and carers.  Any agreements which may be made as a result of such requests will be in addition to the flexibility offered within our departmental policies.