Job Evaluation

DSU operates the same pay and grading system as De Montfort University.  It therefore applies the same systems and processes including job evaluation.  All members of staff who are on the Single Salary Pay Spine have the right to apply for Job Evaluation based on:-

(1) if they believe their job has changed significantly and the individual is therefore working outside of their allocated role profile or (2) they believe they are at a level different to their allocated role profile.

There are very specific stages which apply to the process and the details can be found here.  If you wish to make an application under the job evaluation process, please ensure you read the guidance information and liaise with your Line Manager in the first instance.

There are a number of possible outcomes as a result of job evaluation which are as follows:-

  • A new role profile may be identified which may result in an increase in the individual's grade
  • A new role profile may be identified which may result in a down grading
  • An alternative role profile may be identified and the individual's grade remains the same
  • No change to the grade or role profile is made