Wristband and Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

What does a #FreshFest18 Wristband include entry to?

The official #FreshFest18 wristband gets you entry into all of the 'Nights Out' events during Freshers Week. These are;

  • Issa Vibe launch party - Friday 21 September @ DSU
  • #FreshFest18 Opening Party headlined by Wilkinson - Saturday 22 September @ O2 Academy 
  • UV Rave vs Freshers Funfair - Sunday 23 September @ King Power Stadium
  • Freshers Ball headlined by Yxng Bane - Monday 24 September @ Athena
  • SU's Pub Quiz - Tuesday 25 September @ SU's Diner
  • Zoo Party - Tuesday 25 Setember @ clubRepublic
  • InJUNCTION opening party - Wednesday 26 September @ DSU
  • Freshers T-Shirt Bar Tour - Thursday 27 September
  • Issa Vibe - Friday 28 September @ DSU
  • Bingo! - Monday 1 October @ DSU
  • Soul Train - Monday 1 October @ Au
  • SU's Pub Quiz - Tuesday 2 October @ SU's Diner
  • 90s Revival - Tuesday 2 October @ clubRepublic
  • InJUNCTION Krispy Kreme Extranvaganza - Wednesday 3 October @ DSU
  • Bandeoke - Thursday 4 October @ DSU
  • Issa Vibe - Friday 5 October @ DSU

What does a #FreshFest18 Wristband not include entry to?

The wristband does not include entry to any of our days out or trips, for example Harry Potter, Twycross Zoo and Escape Rooms. All of these trips are ticketed separately and will be available through the De Montfort Students' Union website at demontfortsu.com/freshfest as of Thursday 16 August. 

When and where do I collect my #FreshFest18 Wristband?

You can collect your wristband between 10am and 4pm on Friday 21, Saturday 22 or Sunday 23 September from De Montfort Students' Union in the Campus Centre building (on Mill Lane at the centre of campus). You will need photographic ID to collect your wristband.  Your wristband WILL NOT be posted out to you.

How do I choose my tshirt colour for the Freshers Tshirt Bar Tour?

If you buy a #FreshFest18 Wristband, you will be able to choose and collect your tshirt when you collect your wristband. Each colour tshirt represents a different group for the tour. These are as follows:

  • White T-shirt (Black Print): start time 7pm
  • Black T-shirt: start time 7pm
  • Blue T-shirt: start time 7.45pm
  • Red T-shirt: start time 7.45pm
  • Pink T-shirt: start time 8.30pm
  • Yellow T-shirt: start time 8.30pm
  • Purple T-shirt: start time 9.15pm
  • Green T-shirt: start time 9.15pm
  • Orange T-shirt: start time 10pm
  • White T-shirt (Red Print): start time 10pm

Have a chat with friends, sports teams or societies to find out which tshirt colour they are getting and get the same; or just pick your favourite and make a load of new friends on the tour! All tshirt sizes and colours are subject to availability.

Can I choose my tshirt colour for the Freshers Tshirt Bar Tour later?

Yes. There is a pick later option for choosing the colour/tour slot of your bar tour tshirt.  The pick later option means you pick on day of wristband collection.  This is subject to availability (the earlier you collect your wristband and tshirt, the more likely you'll get the tshirt you want).

Can someone collect my wristband for me?

Unfortunately not. We will physically clip your wristband on to you when you come to collect it and so it needs to be yourself that collects the wristbands.

Can I get a refund for my #FreshFest18 wristband?

You may request a refund from dsuwebsite@dmu.ac.uk with a valid, provable reason. No refunds will be given if we deem the reason to not be valid and no requests for refunds will be able to be submitted after Thursday 20 September 2018.

Can I buy tickets separately?

Yes. 'Nights Out' individual tickets are available from UniVibe.co.uk and DSU trips tickets are available from demontfortsu.com/freshfest from Thursday 16 August - however these are all with limited availability. 

If I buy a #FreshFest18 VIP Wristband package containing a DMU hoodie and tshirt and an NUS card, how do I claim these?

When you collect your wristband, if your package deal includes an NUS card we will print this for you there and then. If your package includes a DMU hoodie and tshirt, we will give you a voucher which you can use at the DSU shop to claim your clothing.

Can I buy a wristband for someone else or can someone buy one for me?

Yes, but we really recommend that it is purchased with your account name, you can change the payment details to the purchaser. If someone else, such as a family member does buy your wristband and uses a DSU guest account in their name, you will need to bring a receipt print out with you as proof when you come to collect your wristband.

Who can buy wristbands?

#FreshFest18 wristbands are available to all DMU students only. Guests are permitted on a one guest per DMU student basis to selected nights out, but guests will need to purchase individual tickets for these events.

Are there any other 'Nights Out' events not yet announced?

Yes. We have already announced the #FreshFest18 Opening Party, Freshers Ball and Tshirt Bar Tour. We'll be announcing a load more nights out for over the Freshers period to be on Thursday 16 August which will also be included with your wristband - however we have indicated which dates these will be here.

Who is headlining the Opening Party and Freshers Ball?

It's a secret! We'll announce both on Thursday 16 August.

How do I get tickets to the DSU trips such as Harry Potter and Twycross Zoo?

Through the individual event pages on demontfortsu.com/freshfest. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 16 August.

Are DSU trip tickets refundable?

You can apply for a refund by emailing dsuwebsite@dmu.ac.uk with your purchase ID and name, plus reason for requesting a refund, up to seven days before the event. Refunds will not be given after this date except in mitigating circumstances.

I have more questions!

Email us on dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk and we'll do our very best to answer them!