Freshers Reps

Do you want to...

  • Gain confidence speaking to new people
  • Pass on your experience and help freshers settle in to university life
  • Help our freshers events be the very best they can be
  • Enhance your employability
  • Get a load of great freebies!

Well...have you thought about becoming a DSU Freshers Rep?

This year, De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) are looking to recruit 50 Freshers Reps to help all first-year students get involved with the celebrations during #FreshFest18 and International Welcome Week, as well as helping them settle into their new life away from home at DMU. So if you are returning to DMU this September, why not apply to be a Freshers Rep?

You will have the opportunity to experience #FreshFest18 in a totally new way, as well as help shape the experiences of more than 5,000 new students!

Freshers is such an exciting time, but can be quite scary for many students. Being that friendly face to someone who has just moved to the city is invaluable and you could be the difference between them having an amazing few years or wanting to leave in their first term.

There are so many perks of being a rep; from building your confidence meeting and speaking to new people, seeing #FreshFest18 from a different angle to making new students feel welcome and settled in their new home. You’ll even be able to log all of the volunteering hours you put in to appear on your HEAR report when you graduate.

You need to be available to work an average of four to six hours a day at either evening and daytime events over International Welcome Week (Friday 13 – Friday 20 September) and/or Freshers Week (Friday 20 September – Sunday 29 September), and be willing to promote and assist in events in and around the students' union. You’ll also need to attend a short training session (date TBC). Applicants should have good communication skills and be friendly, welcoming and easily approachable.

Apply to be a Freshers Rep now!

Simply complete this application form and return to deadline Freshers Reps applications is 5pm on Monday 28 May.