De Montfort Students' Union - main elections 2015

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Union Development Executive

This is a full time, paid post. The President's main role is to ensure that the Executive Officer team is working cohesively to the student body's best interest.
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Academic Executive

This position is a full time post. The DPE's main role is to drive educational change throughout the University to ensure that we are consistently meeting the high academic standards expected
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Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive

This is a full time post. The role of VP M & C is to ensure Demon Media is running smoothly and DSU's overall communications and PR is consistent. They regularly respond to press enquiries and constantly look at new ways to boost DSU's impact around campus and the community.
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Equality and Diversity Executive

Full time post. The role of VP Student Activities mainly relates to 4 key areas: -sports, societies, volunteering and RAG (Raise and Give). They spend a lot of time helping to establish new clubs and societies and supporting current ones too. They also help to organise key events such as Freshers', tour, Colours awards, Society and Volunteering awards and RAG week.
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Welfare Executive

This post is a full-time post. VP Welfare is responsible for running campaigns that aim to effect positive change both on and off campus. It's their job to come up with creative and engaging campaigns that affect students around issues such as physical, mental and emotional health, money, housing, environmental issues, drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health and community initiatives.
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LGBTQ+ Representative

• Liaise, where necessary, with relevant campaigning organisations and distribute material where appropriate.
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Mature Students’ Officer

• Must be a student over the age of 21 at the start of the elections process. • Must be registered as a mature student at the University. • Work towards increasing participation of mature students within the Students’ Union.
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NUS Representative (5 places)

See the Candidates Guide for a full description of this post.
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