Candidate for the position of Elections - International Officer


 Hi everyone, today I am very glad to have the chance to run for international student Rap. I am jiyuan Gu, a student from China, you can call me Lucas. I want to make contribution to our university. I am a kind, easy going boy. I will be a good friend with you.

      I am confident, responsible, positive attitude; I would like to be international student Rap.  I have a lot of hobbies in free time. I like to travel to enjoy different kinds of food and scenery. I also like to touch with local people to feel the local customs. In addition, go is my special skill, which is a kind of intelligence sports like chess. When I was a child I began to learn go and kept on studying many years to achieve the second level nation player. When I go aboard to UK, I attempt to make a communication in go. Although it is just a game, it influences my life deeply. I begin to make plan before doing something and analysis some different kinds of possibility of development. So I view I have ability to lead campaigns and organize events. And then I make many friends in DMU, which are from all over the world. It can help me to organize students better.

     If I have an opportunity to be international student Rap, I will complete my task well, strengthen unity. I will make clear the responsibilities of a report, If DMU organizes some activities I will make a good advertise to let more people to take part in the activities and do my best to lead us to get fun.

     Thanks a lot. Here is my photo