Candidate for the position of Elections - Women’s Officer



Emilia Mellow Women’s Representative.

Why you should vote for me!

• As the women’s representative I am to be as accessible as possible and easily contactable.

• Use your views and ideas to organise and carry out campaigns to ensure gender equality.

• Provide a confidential support and value and protect student’s views.

• Handle situations with a duty of care and sensitivity

• Ensure students feel safe and protected against gender discrimination and sexism.

• Listen and understand your views and use them to shape the university’s representation of gender!



How I will do this! I currently work at the DSU Venue as a supervisor alongside staff members that book and organise events and will try to use this role to ensure students are represented fairly in relation to their gender. My academic studies in Criminology have a large focus on Diversity, Values and Ethics, and a discrimination and oppression, this includes issues relating to gender. I will use this knowledge to ensure that students are fairly treated and represented. My work with young people has provided me with experience dealing with sensitive issued and prepared me and given me relevant skills to approach and resolve these types of situations; it has also given me experience dealing with confidentiality. Running a society and organising charity and similar events has also given me experience in campaigning and promoting change.