Candidate for the position of Elections - Mature Students’ Officer



I’m not just a student, Am a Member!

I am a postgraduate student pursuing MSc in Energy and Sustainable Building Design. Am the one who kept going in the roughest of times with the same amount of passion and dedication.
Why me?
Industrial management experience has given me an ability to think mature, where I understand the needs of a student, out throw their skills and take them to the next level. Strong mind set with good logical and analytical thinking is what makes me stand out. I am flexible and adaptable performer who works as promised. I have a charming approach which extends its influence around the surroundings.
What I plan to do?
  •  Open support tickets for student issues.
  • “Go green of your life at UNI”, I would like to take forward the concept of “Go Green” making the university a better place to be.
  • Easy transportation for students whilst staying in university wherein I would be happy to initiate University Bike Scheme to giveaway bikes to students for the whole year!
  • “Do you have voice inside?” Suggestion Bins in every corner of the University for Better Development of services.
  • Of course I’ll be easily accessible to all the students for their support and be their voice in every issues.
I ensure all my promises will be upheld and work for the progress of the student and university.