Candidate for the position of Elections - International Officer



151 Countries, One Election..!

I, Chethan Bharatha Prahalad, MA/MSc Design Innovation (fashion) would like the privilege to represent all the International students in this prestigious institution.

As your student representative I will strive towards helping all International students to integrate themselves into the university life, amalgamate themselves and appreciate the British Culture which has much to offer.

DMU is a university that offers tremendous opportunities such as various societies and activities. I would help you capitulate on these opportunities. I would help ensure support in all areas be it studies or extra-curricular activities. It is my belief that each student should be given a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents and this is precisely what I aim to accomplish. Creating a sense of belongingness far from home. It is my deepest wish that I be given this wonderful opportunity to prove myself worthy of this honour to which I shall try my hardest to live up to.

And lastly, as Abraham Lincon famously said, "If elected I shall be thankful; if not, it will be all the same".