Candidate for the position of Elections - Mature Students’ Officer



Tanya Stirk Mature Students’ Representative Opportunities and success on an equal level

I am a first year undergraduate Criminology and Criminal Justice student at DMU.

Many mature students have to combine commitments at home and/or work with studying; commonly we will have had a large break from education. I want to ensure that the transition back into study is a smooth as possible.

I am a full time mum studying a full time degree so fully understand the restraints and isolation that can accompany being a mature student.

Being on the committee of the Mature Student Society, recently set up at DMU, ensures I have connections with people with similar circumstances and an ongoing support network. If elected I want to raise awareness of this society and ensure all mature students have been contacted before coming to university so no one has to experience isolation and has somewhere to raise concerns amongst their fellow peers.

Mature students are a minority group but we currently total around a quarter of the student population. I believe that with such a large number, more should be being done within the university and Student Union to include and accommodate us.

I want to start improving our experiences from the beginning. We need to feel more included during fresher’s week and have activities aimed at us.

The release of timetables so close to starting dates has also been raised as an issue for mature students. I will work with the student union to formulate a resolution to this matter.

I will liaise with the student union and try to gain a space for the mature students to socialise in.  We need this area to unwind in during our downtime while at university as many of us commute.

Opportunity and success on an equal level.