Candidate for the position of Elections - LGBTQ+ Representative



Could I be your LGBTQ plus Officer? Nathaniel Harley Third year Forensic Science

I am both Transgender and Bisexual. Many different issues and experiences come from this and I would love to support others who define as LGBTQ+.  DMU is a vibrant university, many members of staff (even the VC!) define as LGBTQ+ yet stigma remains. Students need more support and with my help it is something that the Students Union can address.


From 16 I started to come out as who I really was and recently formally started my gender reassignment. It is a long and difficult process yet I have been lucky enough to have support from certain people within the union, university and at home. I aim to graduate from DMU feeling more myself than ever before.


If I get elected as the LGBTQ+ representative I aim to:


1) Explore the possibility of having more gender neutral toilets at DMU, lobbying for a block of them in the campus centre when its re-developed, like Manchesters SU. Not simply “converting” a disabled toilet as that too has negative connotations. This facility will be so positive for DMU’s diverse community.


2) To help increase knowledge of what the T and Q+ means within the university, as the LGB has more publicity than T and Q


3) To help a larger amount of staff understand the needs of students who are going through gender reassignment. E.g. When changing a name on the DMU system, if specified, their title can change to the correct one as well.


4) To be there for any student who is questioning their sexuality or gender and be their voice within DSU.


5) To help organise and run events via the LGBT+ society, as well as increasing awareness of events such as the Transgender day of remembrance.