Candidate for the position of Elections - International Officer





I believe that searching for the meaning of life, makes life meaningful. Hope you agree folks. Myself Surya Vardhan! An undergraduate student, pursuing B.Sc Computer security. Extrovert, Pragmatic and Receptive are the three words that supplement my attitude.


Why am I applying and for what?

It has been just a month since I started my life at DMU. I bet you, it’s worth living. To bestow the same to you, I am applying for the position of International student Representative. This is indeed a very responsible position to plan and implement policies that makes life of international students at DMU easy, interesting and memorable. I deem it an opportunity to challenge myself in undertaking all the efforts to look into the students issues and resolve them efficiently.


What I promise to do?


·         I will create and manage a facebook page exclusively for the students to share their problems, opinions, ideas and suggestions relevant in improving the quality of the university life. Those not on facebook can contact me via email or in person.

·         I will be available to you in your times of need. No barriers to exercise your rights.

·         Arrange fun-filled events and meet-ups to break the nexus between international and regional students and spread the feel of ‘De Montfortians.’

·         Organize unified celebrations to engage all the students in experiencing each others cultural diversity.

·         To implement every task and decision to improve your academic and university experience.

·         Organize feedback sessions from time to time to correct my working inefficiencies, if any.


I hereby pledge to fulfil all the stated promises and anything additional that you want me to do. If you think I am eligible, make me your choice and I will be your voice.