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Chair of Student Council

The Chair of Student Council would have the main responsibility for convening Student Council. They are responsible for setting the dates for Student Council and would require an understanding of the items for discussion on the agenda, which might include consultation with the appropriate person(s). They ensure these meetings run smoothly and that all participants are given the opportunity to contribute and are treated with respect. This post is elected by cross campus ballot.

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International Officer

• Must be an international student. • Work towards increasing participation of international students within the Students’ Union. • Actively promote Students’ Union services, in particular the Students’ Union’s Welfare and Education Centre (WEC), to international students. This position is elected via cross campus ballot

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    ZHIYU ZHAO (Stella) Manifesto

    Being Active for International Student Activities Vote Stella Zhiyu Zhao.

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    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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