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Psychology Society Society Xmas Meal
12th December 5pm - 7pm
More Restaurant, London Road
Society Christmas Meal - Tuesday 12th December 2017
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F10 Design Society Jumper Felting Social
13th December 2pm - 5pm
Gateway House, Room 2:50
Who doesn't love Ugly Jumpers during the Holiday Season? They're at the height of festive fashion, and it wouldn't be the same without them! Come join us and learn to make your own fabulously ugly jumper.
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Activities at DSU 1501 Nursing Graduation Ball
13th January 7:30pm - 11:59pm
City Rooms, Leicester
Nursing Graduation Ball to celebrate completing our degrees.
Games Development Global Game Jam
26th January 5:30pm - 28th January 4pm
Bede Island
We'll be part of the Global Game Jam!
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Psychology Society Recovery Assistance Dogs Worksop
15th February 11am - 1pm
Campus Centre Atrium
Recovery Assistance Dogs are a charity that use dogs to aid in the therapy of those suffering with mental illnesses. They will be coming to DMU to carry out a workshop with our members in the Campus Centre Atrium.
Games Development Local Game Jam
2nd March 5:30pm - 4th March 5pm
Bede Island
Our second local game jam
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