Committee Resources

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If you would like to book one of DMU's rooms you must do so online by filling in this form.


  • Society Sponsorship Contract

    If you are seeking any form of sponsorship, financial or not, for over a year or for a one off event you need to put it on an official DSU contract that must be signed off by the Students' Union

  • Sponsorship Guidance

    This document gives guidance on how to obtain sponsorship. it also includes reasons why DSU may not approve sponsorship.

This is where you can submit your application for the Development Fund, before being considered by the Activities Panel.



  • External Guest Policy

    If you are planning on having an external guest at your event please note the Students' Union has a policy on this where you will need to submit a request. See the policy here.

  • Out of Hours Form

    This form needs to be completed if you have booked a room during out of office hours e.g. evenings or weekends and need access to the room. It MUST be returned to the Societies Office to check and sign off.

  • The Venue DMU Guidance Notes

    If you are planning on using TheVenue@DMU please take a look here. Remember to speak to the Societies Department about making the booking! If you have any questions about anything on the form let the societies department know, there are some aspects of support only the team can arrange for you.

  • The Venue DMU Fire Evacuation Poster

    A must have for any of your events in the Venue at DMU

  • Building Evacuation Posters

    This is where you can find out the evacuation details for the building your society is using for events

  • External Guest Request Form

    If you are planning on having an external guest at any of your society events you must submit a request. Please use this form to do so. We need it 4 weeks before they are due.

  • Society Room Booking Guidance

    If you are looking to book a University Room please ensure that you have read the room booking guidance before hand.

  • Society Room Use Guidance

    Safety Officers, if you have a room booked on campus please download this document, fill it in and make sure you are following it. If you have any questions ask one of the team.


  • Society Trip Guidance

    If you are running an off campus trip this document will give you full guidance on what you need to do before hand and during your trip.

  • Society Travel Hire Guidance

    If you are needing to make any travel arrangements for your trip such as coach or minibus hire check out our top tips on what to do beforehand.

  • DMUGlobal Finance procedures

    Wanting to run a #DMUGolobal Trip? (of course you do) Then make sure you see how the financing of all Society #DMUGlobal trips work.


  • Student Group Merchandise Guide

    This is your guide for who we recommend ordering merchandise from and where DSU have secured discounts for groups.

  • Society Registration Form 16 17

    If you are needing to register/re register your society please ensure this form is filled in and returned to the Activities Team

  • Society Emergency Incident Procedures

    Safety Officers, make sure you are fully aware with thsis procedure. Download and save a copy so you always have it with you. If something does go wrong please follow this procedure. If you are unsure speak to a member of staff.

  • Society Website Guidance

    As a society committee member you can use the website to do loads. You can sell your clothing, put events online, see who your members are, email them. Basically everything. Use this guide to find out how.

  • Society Committee Roles

    If you are thinking of setting up a society see the 4 mandatory positions you must have and what they do. We also have some information on other roles that you may want to have as your society gets bigger.

  • Emergency Incident Procedures

    In the event of an incident or accident that may require calling the emergency services the procedures included here must be adhered to.