Hall of Fame: Katrina Chilver

Katrina Chilver (left) presents the award for The Demon Best Article at The SULETS Demon Media Awards 2016.

Year Graduated

What did you study?

What is your fondest memory of DMU?
Getting involved with Demon Media, I didn't properly get involved until my second year and I always wish I did more in my first year. I met loads of great people through socials, got a lot of journalism experience and got to try out other media.

Where are you working today?
The Royal Borough Observer

What was your role in Demon Media?
News Editor of The Demon

How did it benefit you?
Being news editor gave me experience in management, something I had never really had before. I learnt how to edit other people's work and also how to use InDesign to actually put pages together. The pressure of having to fill around four pages every fortnight was a good introduction into the real world of working in a newspaper.

Through Demon Media I also got involved with the student publication association and that was a really great experience. Meeting other people from university papers and magazines across the country was a really good opportunity and I was able to gain more experience in management when I became Midlands regional officer for them in my third year.

What did you enjoy most about Demon Media?
I loved being involved in The Demon, particuarly in my second year during my first year as news editor. Getting the opportunity to interview Shappi Khorsandi for the comedy festival edition was amazing and something I will always be proud of.

What advice would you have for current students to help them enhance their employability?
I would say that it's good to try and get as much experience as you can, especially if you want to go into journalism. I've learnt so much since I started my job but I was able to come in and just get on with a lot of things when I first started because of what I learnt on my course, on work experience and on The Demon. I'd also say don't hold back on getting involved because you're nervous or worried. I was always looking for writers when I was news editor and I always kicked myself for not writing more in first year.

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