Hall of Fame: Chris Smith

Chris Smith (right) alongside fellow former Demon Media member and former DSU VP Media and Communications Alice Wilson (left).

Year Graduated

What did you study?
Radio Production and Technology

What is your fondest memory of DMU?
Being a part of Demon Media all together! Plus #GetMeOnAir was what we had been aiming towards year on year and highlighted the collaboration, hard work, and team work everyone had put in.

Where are you working today?
Student Media Coordinator at King’s College London SU and freelance at Capital Xtra

What was your role in Demon Media?
'Busy Body' – Head of Live Music and Events and Social Sec

How did it benefit you?
Allowed me to get fully involved in the university experience and make the most of the SU. Socially brilliant! And I learnt a lot.

What did you enjoy most about Demon Media?
Working with everyone to achieve some great things together and then going out and getting drunk together.

What advice would you have for current students to help them enhance their employability?
Just get involved as soon as you can and talk to everyone. Don’t hold back and you can always do more. Take more risks, it’s only student media – you won’t get the freedom again!

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