Hall of Fame: Charlotte Marsh

Year Graduated

What did you study?
Single Honours Journalism

What is your fondest memory of DMU?
There are far too many to list here without writing another dissertation! But mostly the people I met and the memories we made together over the three years with Demon Media a huge part of that.

Where are you working today?
Digital Football Journalist at Sky Sports

What was your role in Demon Media?
I wrote for the paper over three years, and was sub-editor in my final year.

How did it benefit you?
Working on the Demon gives you a taste of real life experience, and the skills I learnt at the paper were transferable to my course/work experience placements and vice-versa.

It’s a brilliant way to learn about working as a team (any type of media/journalism will involve team-work!) and perhaps how to get on with people you don’t see eye to eye with in a professional way.

It’s also a great chance to see/hear your name in lights – a feeling that doesn’t diminish no matter how many by-lines you acquire throughout your career.

What did you enjoy most about Demon Media?
As I said before, some of my fondest memories of DMU came from my involvement with Demon Media. From volunteering at the Student Radio Awards in 2013, to socials and meeting some fantastic friends and interesting people.

In terms of non-drinking activities, Demon Media really does give you a platform to gain real world experience, produce quality work that can be used in a portfolio and build-up a network of contacts that could be invaluable as you make your way into the big wide world.

What advice would you have for current students to help them enhance their employability?
Do as much work experience as you can. While the summer is meant to be for relaxing, it’s also a fantastic chance to build-up your CV and employers do take notice of where you’ve been before. Plus, if you impress then you can secure an extension or a return the following summer.

It never hurts to enquire about a placement, so ask as many people as possible and use your contacts to help you out if you can. Also keep your CV up-to-date with everything you end up doing - no matter how small - and keep all the things you do to build a portfolio, which you should take to every job interview! Demon

Media is included in this, as employers will look for involvement in student media.

You should always be hugely enthusiastic about what you want to do because you will be doing it day in, day out for a long time! Try and say yes to as much as you can, but also know when someone is taking advantage.

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