Hall of Fame: Bethan Head

Bethan Head (left) alongside fellow former Demon Media members Harry Dean (centre) and Katrina Chilver (right).

Year Graduated

What did you study?
Single Honours Journalism

What is your fondest memory of DMU?
Demon Media socials and the Student Radio Association Conference and Awards 2015!

Where are you working today?
BBC Radio Oxford

What was your role in Demon Media?: Newsreader, The Demon Copy Editor and DemonFM News Editor

How did it benefit you?
DemonFM taught me key radio production skills alongside improving my editorial judgement.

It let me grow and learn from my own mistakes and build on skills I learnt in my degree.

I strongly believe that if it wasn't for Demon Media, I wouldn't be where I am today. My job did not specify for a degree but I think that the real life experience it provided gave me an insight to the industry. What did you enjoy most about Demon Media?: The lifelong friends that Demon Media has provided me with is incredible. Most of them are now starting out in the industry now so becoming equally as good contacts as they are friends. What advise would you have for current students to help them enhance their employability?: Get involved in every extra curricular activity you can, it's not your degree that counts in the end, it's the person you become because of that and all you've achieved.

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