Room Booking

Book rooms for your student group here!

As a student group, you can book almost any room on campus! Just submit the relevant form below and if the room is free we will be able to get it booked for. 

 To process a room booking form we need to 2 weeks. Any room booking form submitted after this will not be processed. 

Out of hours room use

If you are using a room beyond 9pm on a weekday in term time, or beyond 7pm out of term time, or anytime at a weekend this is considered out of hours use. To use a room out hours you must submit an Out of Hours form. On this form, you must give full details of your event and name a first aid qualified indvidual who will be providing first aid support. If you cannot provide a first aider you will have to pay a concierge charge which ranges from £24 an hour to £32 hour. So ensure you Health and Safety Officer is first aid trained and able to attend any out of hours event. 

Click here to download the Out of Hours Room Use form.